Hi All! Tony here! 98 Rock will be playing a track from the our EP, Paris Or Bust tonight between the hours of 10-11. 98 Rock serves the listening community of Sacramento and the surrounding region. When I dropped off a package to the station I got the chance to meet Andy Hawk, APD and host of the show "Local Licks," on which, the song will. "Spirit of St. Louis, I remember these guys they used to play Thursday nights at ummmm..." I said, "The Pour House!" Andy was like, "yeah, these guys just kinda fell of the map, so this is what they've been up to!" as he was holding the CD close to his face to read the jacket. My impression of Andy is that he's a true champion of local talent who really follows what's going on in the local music scene. In a follow-up call with Andy, when he asked what song should be played, I told him to play whatever he wanted. So, while we are marketing the single "6 Feet Off The Ground" as the current single, we don't what track Andy will choose to play tonight. Exciting! I can't wait to hear what song he'll pick! If I were to venture a guess, I'd probably go with "Dr. My Eyes" given the station format, but what do I know. Tell us here what YOU think Andy will play on the show and don't forget to tune in tonight! 98.5 FM or click the image above and listen to the live stream between 10-11 PM. Show your support for a station that shows support of us local cats! And, when you hear our name (we don't know what song he'll be playing) text "LIKE" to 62515! And thanks, in advance, for the spin Andy! t